Jordan, Troy, Nancy, Dillon

We are the Loren’s.

Troy: Resort Owner, Father, Fisherman, Hunter, Golfer

Nancy: Resort Owner, Mother, Fitness Enthusiast, Golfer, Crafter

Dillon: Son, Realtor, Hard Working, Recreational Soccer Player

Jordan: Daughter, Social Media Expert, Lover of Fitness, Traveler

A family blog about business, life, and travel.

This blog will show you a piece of our life as resorters, our travels, and helpful tips about camping, boating, and more!

Join us in our journey and our experiences.

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Come visit us at Little Boy Resort!

Nestled in a setting of pines, birch and aspen trees, located on the shores of Little Boy Lake with access to Wabedo Lake, is Little Boy Resort & Campground, your home away from home. The cry of the loon, the northern lights of the clear night sky, soaring eagles and fishing on 2500 acres of crystal clear water remind you that the Great Northwoods are yours for quiet relaxation.



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