A new adventure in life.

lbr001Hello everyone,

Thank you for your time!

I want to introduce myself and my family, my name is Dillon Loren. Our family of four is all over the country.   My parents, Troy and Nancy, own and manage a resort in northern Minnesota.  My sister, Jordan, goes to school in Tampa, Florida and I work in Houston, Texas.  We are thankful for everything we have and all the great people we meet.  One of the most important things is we know we have each other.

My parents have many life experiences and have taken risks to pursue their dreams.  My sister and I are millennials, we are on two different paths and are working on making our dreams a reality.  With this blog, we will focus on business, life, and travel.  We are very excited for this next adventure and look forward to meet and build many more relationships.


Dillon and the Loren Family

P.S. Oh yea, there is also Pops, my grandpa and my dad’s father (see picture on right).


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