2019 in Review

A Season of Memories This year the resort celebrates 90 years.  We had multiple guests that have been coming to Little Boy Resort for 50 plus years or came back to visit and reminisce about coming as a child.  Sharing memories and pictures, and giving us items from the ’60s for us to add toContinue reading “2019 in Review”


We have been at Little Boy Resort for 14 years and never remember having a foot of snow this late in April.  So I did some looking back at photos to see what our Aprils have looked like.   I came across some photos where it looks like all the snow melted and then weContinue reading “LITTLE BOY LAKE ICE OUT….or not?”

Saving Our Lakes

Our purpose: First, be responsible for yourself, take action to clean your boat, and do not transfer bait. Second, we need to educate others and share the severity of Aquatic Invasive Species. Please view:  Infested Waters List – Lakes, rivers, ponds or wetlands that are infested and contain an aquatic invasive species that could spread to otherContinue reading “Saving Our Lakes”


We live in a country of individuals founded on a set of principles.  These principles give us character and the freedom to live the way we choose. Each week people come to the resort to spend time with their families, play in the water, go fishing, and enjoy a variety of other outdoor activities.  SomeContinue reading “Community”

Twelve Years

I cannot believe this is are twelfth summer of owning the resort.  I was only twelve years old when my parents decided to embark our family on this wild adventure.  I believe this decision is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  I have learned how to talk with people, IContinue reading “Twelve Years”

A Fishing Story

Over the years, I have not been much of a fisherman. I preferred to be on the lake wakeboarding, skiing, tubing, or swimming.  While those activities are fun, fishing has grown on me as I have come to appreciate it for the peace and quiet and the conversation if you are with another person.   In my adolescence, IContinue reading “A Fishing Story”

It has been to long :(

The spring is flying by and days continue to get more busy, but no excuses. This spring has been a roller coaster for weather.  We had a couple of days with 90 degrees at the beginning of May and the warm weather has made its way back around,today reaching 84 degrees.  One thing I canContinue reading “It has been to long :(“

Walleye Fishing Opener is Here!

Happy Friday everyone! We are very excited for the 2016 resort season and Opening Fishing is our first major weekend of the season.  The cabins are full and there are few brave souls willing to adventure out in the campground.  This is our 12th summer at Little Boy Resort and we have enjoyed every minuteContinue reading “Walleye Fishing Opener is Here!”

The Lone Star to the North Star

Good morning everyone, I hope you are having a great Monday morning.  I want to let you know, I have officially check-in at Little Boy Resort for the summer.  I have put things on hold in Texas for the time being so I can work at the resort.  Todays post is my 24 hour journeyContinue reading “The Lone Star to the North Star”

Before You Kick The Bucket

Happy Tuesday everyone! Mom and Dad are busy getting the resort ready, so Jordan and I decided post this week and we put together a checklist of 3 bucket list destinations to travel. I got the idea when I recently watched the “Bucket List” with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, it’s a great movie ifContinue reading “Before You Kick The Bucket”