2019 in Review

A Season of Memories

This year the resort celebrates 90 years.  We had multiple guests that have been coming to Little Boy Resort for 50 plus years or came back to visit and reminisce about coming as a child.  Sharing memories and pictures, and giving us items from the ’60s for us to add to our history collection. Every guest has a story, and it warms my heart to hear the part of how Little Boy Resort holds so many memories and pieces to that story.  


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Our hope for all that visit is that they can add to their story many great memories.  We had families come together for reunions coming from all parts of the US. CA, NC, FL, OR and others, it is an honor they choose us as their central gathering place.  Something else that touches my heart is the guests that have been coming each year and cherish the friends that they have made at LBR. And my kids, how these guests have become part of their life, growing up with them for the past 15 years, now going to weddings, celebrating their first babies, wow!  Unbelievable how time has passed but in reality, when you think of all that has happened, it could only be possible if you had that time. 

Soggy Season!

Seems like every year brings a new experience, this year rain, lots of rain.  The lake has been very high all summer making for some tough fishing, changed the weed growth and water temperature.  We had a cooler than normal summer, but for the most part, all of our guests got some warm sunny days.

Little Boy Resort

This year brought a few new changes, one that has made this easier on Troy, and that we were able to get some things done that were on the “to-do list”. Tim, our new addition to the resort team, has been wonderful in helping get cabins and decks painted, new roofs, new flooring, and just keeping up with the mowing and trimming.  We added a new slide on the beach and replaced the Bongo. Made relaxing a bit more comfy with some new furniture and beds in some of the cabins. Bears Den cabin has been a hit, a nice addition to LBR, we added a 2nd shower in the upstairs bath, changed up the beds a little bit and put a new dock with a boat lift right next to their own little beach.  Loved by all that came to visit.

Sunset Cabins on Lake Wabedo

These 4 little cabins have been great. Just the necessities, a sandy little beach, a few water toys, good fishing and beautiful sunsets. We are happy to offer these semi-modern cabins for those who enjoy exactly that.  “Peaceful and relaxing” is a common comment. We did add a little playground for those that bring their littles.

Loren Family Life for 2019


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Jordan, along with her boyfriend Robert stayed at the resort until February when they moved to Apple Valley. It has been wonderful having Jordan around the resort this summer when she was able to make it up! This summer they also traveled to Colorado for Robert’s brother’s wedding and some adventuring! Jordan is working remotely for UNATION, an event marketing company based in Tampa. Robert started working at Verizon in February and is loving his new position.

Dillon is about to start his fourth year in real estate in Houston.  He has been able to visit and help around the resort a lot more this year.  His most recent trip to Minnesota he helped close down the resort for winter. This fall Dillon was also able to spend time in the Northwoods bow hunting and was able to get a nice doe.

For Troy and I, we enjoy our time in Florida in the winter, playing golf, biking, long strolls on the beach and exploring Florida. My kids do not need much, so they decided they would rather do a family vacation instead of getting gifts for Christmas, so we started a new family tradition; “Loren Family Christmas Vacation”.  Our first was in December we went on a 5-day cruise out of Tampa. However, because of the fog, we could not leave port on time so we missed out on one-stop, but our Cozumel stop was 1 ½ days. The weather was great along with sightseeing and snorkeling. Troy and I went on a few other winter vacations with some Resorter friends and with other friends from Longville. We had beautiful weather and a wonderful time fishing and kayaking.

On April 1st, we headed home by way of Texas for a little visit with Dillon and friends then on to Minnesota, only to wake up the 1st morning to 12” of snow. 😦 

So as you might expect, I am looking forward to our trip to Florida in the last week of November.  And our “Christmas Vacation” with the kids.

My hope for you is that you have a wonderful winter, cherish each moment…

Enjoy life, enjoy your family, make memories and most of all have fun!

Hooked on Resorting and Adventures!

Troy, Nancy, Dillon & Jordan

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