Twelve Years

I cannot believe this is are twelfth summer of owning the resort.  I was only twelve years old when my parents decided to embark our family on this wild adventure.  I believe this decision is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  I have learned how to talk with people, I learned how to work hard, and I have found a passion for the outdoors.  The most important thing in the twelve years is the friends I have made here at Little Boy Resort.IMG_6228

The interesting thing about living at a resort is every week new people come in and out.  You have about 7 days or less to spend time or to make memories with people.  But over time, our few days of fun develops into so much more as it compounds over the years.  I would say the friends I have made at Little Boy Resort are some of my best friends whether they are young kids, the same age as me, or much older.  You learn a lot about people and you hear a lot about people’s experiences and stories.  It’s always a learning moment for me, especially the stories during the resorts’s “Coffee Club.” “Coffee Club,” is every morning from 8:00 to 9:00 AM during the summer.  Are neighbors, seasonals, and guest at the resort come to the store for coffee.  We share stories, discuss news, fishing, and the weather.  While it is usually a older crowd, some of my favorite moments are made over a cup of coffee.


Most of our guests come year after year and in the short time they are here memories are made and friendships are forged and last for years.  After the week is over, it is sad to watch everyone leave but it makes us more excited for are next encounter.  For example, they’re two families that come at the end of June that I connect well with and our friendship has continued year after year and we pick right up where we left off from the year before.  We do chat through out the year, but our relationship fortifies after a week at Little Boy.  But times are changing, we are all getting older.  We can no longer spend the whole week or at least not yet.  Whether one cannot get enough time off with work or me being away in Texas, life makes it harder to reconnect for the week.  To be honest, I look forward to the days when we are older and wiser, so we can reminisce of the days when we were teenagers and when the times were much more simple.  Having a full week is so much more fun instead of just a few days and one can really enjoy each others presents and others character.  I always have to remind myself that life is to short, so make the most of every minute and fill the time with memories.

FullSizeRender 12

Being apart of my families resort is my greatest blessing.  I have made friends that will last me a lifetime and I am in a wonderful place that makes me happy to get up every morning.  I may say this in every blog, but I want to thank our guests because you make me happy everyday and I will call you my friends through thick and thin.  Some days may not be my best but y’all are the light at the end of my tunnel and get me through the day.

Your friends at Little Boy Resort,

Troy, Nancy, Dillon, and Jordan




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