We live in a country of individuals founded on a set of principles.  These principles give us character and the freedom to live the way we choose.

Each week people come to the resort to spend time with their families, play in the water, go fishing, and enjoy a variety of other outdoor activities.  Some weeks during the summer we do not have the most pleasant weather.  This summer we had two strong storms hit us hard within two weeks’ time.  Both storms brought high winds, severe downpours of rain, and lightning strikes too close for comfort.  In the wake of these storms were many downed trees, phone / internet / electricity outages, and much damage to cabins, campers, and vehicles.

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Despite the damage we are thankful no one was hurt because folks in other areas of the state were not so fortunate.  We are also incredibly blessed for the great community we have here at Little Boy Resort.  Our guests, whom we call our friends, are always willing to lend a hand in situations like the aftermath of a storm.  Many individuals banded together the past couple of weeks and took the time on their vacation to help us clean up even though they had damage to campers and vehicles.  This act of kindness has meant a great deal to our family.  There were so many trees to cut and clean up and to have another set of hands was incredibly helpful.  Having multiple cabins and campers of people picking up sticks, logs, or raking made the quick work of the whole mess the storm left.  While you can still hear chainsaws buzzing the few remaining downed trees in the distance, much of the heavy lifting is over.

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Reflecting back on the last couple of weeks it is very evident that we have a great community of friends that are principled in always going above and beyond when helping others.  Again, it means a lot to our family that so many of you took the time to help during your vacations, and we are truly grateful for you.

Troy, Nancy, Dillon, and Jordan

P.S. We are truly bless to have such wonderful guests.






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