The Lone Star to the North Star

Good morning everyone,
I hope you are having a great Monday morning.  I want to let you know, I have officially check-in at Little Boy Resort for the summer.  I have put things on hold in Texas for the time being so I can work at the resort.  Todays post is my 24 hour journey back to my favorite place on Earth.
My college buddy, Jake, flew down from Minnesota to help me move my stuff to a storage unit and make the 21 hour and 1,409 mile trek North.
After moving, Jake and I had breakfast at famous spot in Houston, The Breakfast Klub.  Jake enjoyed the Texas Toast french toast and I had the fried chicken and waffles, it was very delightful and delicious.
We left Houston around 11:30 AM after we said are goodbyes.  Within the first 30 mins of driving Jake, my co-pilot was out cold…. HE WAS SLEEPING! Hahahahaha. All the moving and the late flight must of taken the energy right out of him.
Jake had a few things on his checklist that he wanted to cross off before we left Texas and Texas BBQ was one of them…. Because y’all know Texas BBQ is the best. 😉  Before we made it out of the state we stopped in Denton, TX  at 5:15 PM. We ate at Bet The House BBQ, it was pretty good.  My go to is beef brisket, but today I got pork brisket with pork ribs, both were awesome.  There sauce was good, they had white bread of course, pickles, onions, and the potato salad was great (the test to pass to see if it is a legitimate BBQ restaurant).  All these make a great TEXAS BBQ.
Jake took the over at the wheel after eating in Denton.  In Oklahoma there are a series of rolling hills where the road is carved into the country side, there are many places to stop  and see the beautiful landscape, especially as the sun began to set.
After passing through Oklahoma City at 8:30 PM, we stopped and I was the driver once again.  The next leg was cruise control central, not much later after we starting driving it was dark and there was not much to see until we reached Kansas City, KS 1:05 AM (Friday morning).
Soon after Jake started driving from Kansas City, my eyes closed and I was out.  Once I opened my eyes again we were in Des Moines, IA and it was 3:45 AM.



(Dillon Driving)
The sun began to rise around the Minnesota/ Iowa boarder, the sun crested the trees as we pulled through Bloomington . After 20 hours we arrived in Anoka, where we stopped at Jake’s parents place.  It was time to NAP!
We made great timing with the all are stops and we really did not have to deal with traffic. There was a little traffic around Dallas, otherwise no troubles.
After napping in Anoka, I had a few things I needed to do before going North.  I had coffee with a friend who moved from Houston to St. Paul.  From there I went to visit and surprise Courtney Steeves (old friend, Blogger,, Little Boy Resort visitor) at her event in Edina.  The whole Steeves family was there and it was great to see them, it made my day. 😃
After leaving Edina, Jake and I met back up and convoyed North to Little Boy Resort, arrived at 11:35 PM.
Thank you everyone for your time and I hope you enjoyed my little journey.
P.S. I did not have good planning for Jake’s “Texas Checklist”:
Good Southern breakfast (Completed)
Picture of the Houston Skyline (Completed)
Visiting Michael Berry’s Redneck Country Club (Unfortunately, did not have enough time)
Buc-ee’s Gas Station (Passed it right before Dallas… It was the last one on I-45 and I-35 North in Texas)
Texas BBQ (completed)
A cool Texas T-shirt (forgot to get one before we left Texas because they don’t sell them once you get to Oklahoma, I checked.  The gas stations didn’t have one, who knew. Hahaha.)

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