Walleye Fishing Opener is Here!

Happy Friday everyone!
We are very excited for the 2016 resort season and Opening Fishing is our first major weekend of the season.  The cabins are full and there are few brave souls willing to adventure out in the campground.  This is our 12th summer at Little Boy Resort and we have enjoyed every minute of our time here.  Some years have been tougher than others.  Every year and day is a new adventure, whether it is a wind storm, high water, or just the the beautiful sight of the Northern Lights, WE LOVE IT!
Like every year, the summers continue to go by faster and faster, although it is the new memories we make each year that make it count and set it apart from any other year. This year is a little different for us because we added cabin rentals on Wabedo Lake.  These cabins are a mile down the road; they are red rustic cabins on the north side of Wabedo and sit on a beautiful piece of property that has a gorgeous sunset over the lake.
The weather this year for Fishing Opener is a little reminiscent of previous years, chilly weather that might dip down to freezing with some wind.  I know my mother and I have the heater running in the store and the stove going in the house.  So, I plan on fishing and hopefully it will get at least a little warmer outside.
We hope everyone is enjoying there spring so far and we hope you have a safe and great Fishing Opener.
We thank everyone for their support and we are ecstatic to see everyones radiant smiles.
Little Boy Resort
          & Nancy, Troy, and Jordan (Who is in Florida)
P.S. We may see Jordan around the resort for a week at the end of June.

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