It has been to long :(

The spring is flying by and days continue to get more busy, but no excuses.

This spring has been a roller coaster for weather.  We had a couple of days with 90 degrees at the beginning of May and the warm weather has made its way back around,today reaching 84 degrees.  One thing I can say is that it is good to be back in the state of Minnesota.  I love seeing the thousands of stars that shine so brightly and hearing the loons at night before I fall asleep.  There is something magical about being at the lake and the nostalgia from all the memories from growing up at Little Boy will always make me comeback.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures so far this year:


Thank you everyone for your support.  It has been a great spring and every new week is another photo memory for the brain bank.

Enjoy your weekend,

Little Boy Resort (Troy, Nancy, Dillon, and Jordan)

P.S. Add us on Snapchat if you have not already and get an inside look at the resort.


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