The 1,820 Mile Road Trip 

 Happy Monday everyone!

We hope you had a great weekend.

We are in are last month before the resort opens on May 1st and it will be are 12th summer at the resort. This season is going to be another great one, reservations continue to come in, and we have a few new additions that will be announced soon.

We are on are way home from Florida. So this week, we will be adding more pictures and content to the blog (Hooked on Life’s Adventures), Instagram, and Twitter. Please like and follow us on these social networks if you have not already.

Some other exciting news, Dillon will be home for docks-in at the end of the month.

Thank you everyone for all your support.

If you would be so kind, please share are blogs, it would help a lot.

Enjoy your week!

From our family to yours,


P.S. The ice is almost gone! Good guesses: John Wolf,  Jason Bull, Bob Ogilvie, Laurie Kozelka, Mary Olson, and Derek Rodes. Thank you.


It is that time of year to rejoice and be thankful, so I share with you this photo and how it reminds me of what I am thankful for.

Each day the sun must go down, it’s always a joy to reflect and be thankful for all that you accomplished in a day. Some days it may not be much and others it can be more than you thought possible. However, if you can watch as the light turns into dark then you must smile and say, “Thank you God for another day.” We are fortunate to be in Florida at this time of the year and watching the sun disappear into the ocean. It is always a beautiful sight.

With another resort season about to start, our family rejoices with cheer  to see everyone again and we reflect how thankful we are to be surrounded by so many great people.

From our family to yours,


P.S. We are very excited for the resort season and all the surprises we are going share this year.


A new adventure in life.

lbr001Hello everyone,

Thank you for your time!

I want to introduce myself and my family, my name is Dillon Loren. Our family of four is all over the country.   My parents, Troy and Nancy, own and manage a resort in northern Minnesota.  My sister, Jordan, goes to school in Tampa, Florida and I work in Houston, Texas.  We are thankful for everything we have and all the great people we meet.  One of the most important things is we know we have each other.

My parents have many life experiences and have taken risks to pursue their dreams.  My sister and I are millennials, we are on two different paths and are working on making our dreams a reality.  With this blog, we will focus on business, life, and travel.  We are very excited for this next adventure and look forward to meet and build many more relationships.


Dillon and the Loren Family

P.S. Oh yea, there is also Pops, my grandpa and my dad’s father (see picture on right).