A Fishing Story

Over the years, I have not been much of a fisherman. I preferred to be on the lake wakeboarding, skiing, tubing, or swimming.  While those activities are fun, fishing has grown on me as I have come to appreciate it for the peace and quiet and the conversation if you are with another person.


In my adolescence, I enjoyed playing with the tackle and creating an elaborate different world for each piece of tackle to have its own story.  Whether they were spaceships or some sort of crazy looking creature, it was for my imagination to mold.  If I were to fish it would be for 30 minutes maybe an hour.  I would soon after drift to the floor under the passenger council away from the sun and enter my little world.  Occasionally, my family would hear an “Ouche!,” “Vrrooom,” or some sort of prehistoric dinosaur noise.  It was my world and I let my imagination wander.FullSizeRender 2

One of my favorite fishing stories is the time I caught my first smallmouth bass.  We were fishing on the Northeast end of Little Boy Lake and the whole family was fishing.  I remember seeing my bobber go down and it was a fight to remember. Back and forth, the line came off the reel as the fish fought for its life.  After a long battle, we finally landed the bass with the net.  The smallmouth was 16 1/2 inches, pretty much the biggest fish I had ever caught at that time.  The memory sticks with me and will be one of my greatest fishing stories.


Fishing is a time to enjoy nature and the art of “the catch.”  Some days you do better than others, but it is the chase and the thought of knowing that you can get that big fish at any time. “Life is like fishing, you never know what you are going to get.”  Time never slows down so enjoy the moments you have and cherish the time you spend with the people you love.

Summer has started and is flying by, I hope everyone is having a great summer.  We wish everyone safe travels this season and hope to see you all soon.

Your friends at Little Boy Resort,

Troy, Nancy, Dillon, and Jordan

P.S. Did you like my life and fish comparison, I kind of stole it from Forrest Gump…. Momma says, “Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you are going to get.”

What is your favorite fishing story? Let us know in the comments.


It has been to long :(

The spring is flying by and days continue to get more busy, but no excuses.

This spring has been a roller coaster for weather.  We had a couple of days with 90 degrees at the beginning of May and the warm weather has made its way back around,today reaching 84 degrees.  One thing I can say is that it is good to be back in the state of Minnesota.  I love seeing the thousands of stars that shine so brightly and hearing the loons at night before I fall asleep.  There is something magical about being at the lake and the nostalgia from all the memories from growing up at Little Boy will always make me comeback.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures so far this year:


Thank you everyone for your support.  It has been a great spring and every new week is another photo memory for the brain bank.

Enjoy your weekend,

Little Boy Resort (Troy, Nancy, Dillon, and Jordan)

P.S. Add us on Snapchat if you have not already and get an inside look at the resort.

Walleye Fishing Opener is Here!

Happy Friday everyone!
We are very excited for the 2016 resort season and Opening Fishing is our first major weekend of the season.  The cabins are full and there are few brave souls willing to adventure out in the campground.  This is our 12th summer at Little Boy Resort and we have enjoyed every minute of our time here.  Some years have been tougher than others.  Every year and day is a new adventure, whether it is a wind storm, high water, or just the the beautiful sight of the Northern Lights, WE LOVE IT!
Like every year, the summers continue to go by faster and faster, although it is the new memories we make each year that make it count and set it apart from any other year. This year is a little different for us because we added cabin rentals on Wabedo Lake.  These cabins are a mile down the road; they are red rustic cabins on the north side of Wabedo and sit on a beautiful piece of property that has a gorgeous sunset over the lake.
The weather this year for Fishing Opener is a little reminiscent of previous years, chilly weather that might dip down to freezing with some wind.  I know my mother and I have the heater running in the store and the stove going in the house.  So, I plan on fishing and hopefully it will get at least a little warmer outside.
We hope everyone is enjoying there spring so far and we hope you have a safe and great Fishing Opener.
We thank everyone for their support and we are ecstatic to see everyones radiant smiles.
Little Boy Resort
          & Nancy, Troy, and Jordan (Who is in Florida)
P.S. We may see Jordan around the resort for a week at the end of June.

The Lone Star to the North Star

Good morning everyone,
I hope you are having a great Monday morning.  I want to let you know, I have officially check-in at Little Boy Resort for the summer.  I have put things on hold in Texas for the time being so I can work at the resort.  Todays post is my 24 hour journey back to my favorite place on Earth.
My college buddy, Jake, flew down from Minnesota to help me move my stuff to a storage unit and make the 21 hour and 1,409 mile trek North.
After moving, Jake and I had breakfast at famous spot in Houston, The Breakfast Klub.  Jake enjoyed the Texas Toast french toast and I had the fried chicken and waffles, it was very delightful and delicious.
We left Houston around 11:30 AM after we said are goodbyes.  Within the first 30 mins of driving Jake, my co-pilot was out cold…. HE WAS SLEEPING! Hahahahaha. All the moving and the late flight must of taken the energy right out of him.
Jake had a few things on his checklist that he wanted to cross off before we left Texas and Texas BBQ was one of them…. Because y’all know Texas BBQ is the best. 😉  Before we made it out of the state we stopped in Denton, TX  at 5:15 PM. We ate at Bet The House BBQ, it was pretty good.  My go to is beef brisket, but today I got pork brisket with pork ribs, both were awesome.  There sauce was good, they had white bread of course, pickles, onions, and the potato salad was great (the test to pass to see if it is a legitimate BBQ restaurant).  All these make a great TEXAS BBQ.
Jake took the over at the wheel after eating in Denton.  In Oklahoma there are a series of rolling hills where the road is carved into the country side, there are many places to stop  and see the beautiful landscape, especially as the sun began to set.
After passing through Oklahoma City at 8:30 PM, we stopped and I was the driver once again.  The next leg was cruise control central, not much later after we starting driving it was dark and there was not much to see until we reached Kansas City, KS 1:05 AM (Friday morning).
Soon after Jake started driving from Kansas City, my eyes closed and I was out.  Once I opened my eyes again we were in Des Moines, IA and it was 3:45 AM.



(Dillon Driving)
The sun began to rise around the Minnesota/ Iowa boarder, the sun crested the trees as we pulled through Bloomington . After 20 hours we arrived in Anoka, where we stopped at Jake’s parents place.  It was time to NAP!
We made great timing with the all are stops and we really did not have to deal with traffic. There was a little traffic around Dallas, otherwise no troubles.
After napping in Anoka, I had a few things I needed to do before going North.  I had coffee with a friend who moved from Houston to St. Paul.  From there I went to visit and surprise Courtney Steeves (old friend, Blogger, withloveandlightcourtney.com, Little Boy Resort visitor) at her event in Edina.  The whole Steeves family was there and it was great to see them, it made my day. 😃
After leaving Edina, Jake and I met back up and convoyed North to Little Boy Resort, arrived at 11:35 PM.
Thank you everyone for your time and I hope you enjoyed my little journey.
P.S. I did not have good planning for Jake’s “Texas Checklist”:
Good Southern breakfast (Completed)
Picture of the Houston Skyline (Completed)
Visiting Michael Berry’s Redneck Country Club (Unfortunately, did not have enough time)
Buc-ee’s Gas Station (Passed it right before Dallas… It was the last one on I-45 and I-35 North in Texas)
Texas BBQ (completed)
A cool Texas T-shirt (forgot to get one before we left Texas because they don’t sell them once you get to Oklahoma, I checked.  The gas stations didn’t have one, who knew. Hahaha.)

Before You Kick The Bucket

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Mom and Dad are busy getting the resort ready, so Jordan and I decided post this week and we put together a checklist of 3 bucket list destinations to travel.

I got the idea when I recently watched the “Bucket List” with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, it’s a great movie if you have not seen it.   It follows two terminally ill men on a road trip with a wish list of things to do before they “kick the bucket.” There is one line from the movie that I really enjoyed:

Morgan Freeman’s character wrote on his bucket list, “Witness something majestic.”

I like this line because there may be many things that are truly majestic, but you must true to yourself to find or experience something that allows you to be able to check it off the list.


Lake Tahoe, California


Camp and hike at Lake Tahoe because of the natural and calming beauty of the mountains.




Experience the different culture, enjoy the gorgeous beaches, and ride an elephant.


Greece (Athens and Santorini)

One place I (Jordan) have always wanted to visit is Greece.  More specifically Santorini and Athens, they both look amazing. The main reason to visit Santorini is for the white buildings that line the mountain sides and Athens for its rich history.


Tokyo, Japan


Walk the busy streets of Tokyo and visit the historic monuments, maybe one day travel the countryside.




Visit the beaches of Barcelona and view all the magnificent architecture.


Wyoming (Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park)


Jackson Hole and the Tetons is a recent addition to my bucket list, I (Dillon) want to see the mountains and the wildlife.  Maybe visit in the winter and go snowboarding, but I think it would be a relaxing and peaceful place to visit.

Thank you for listening to our bucket list.  What are your bucket list destinations you would like to travel too?


Jordan and Dillon

P.S. Always keep dreaming because you are always achieving.

Road Trip Tips and Tricks 

What does a road trip mean to you?   
Our family has gone on many road trips and has made many great memories, like trips to Florida, Texas, and a variety of other places as well. To me, a road trip is an experience to learn, gain a better understanding of people in different areas, and an exciting new adventure to enjoy our wonderful world.

Whether you are traveling alone or with good company, here are a few tips for a road trip:

Things to pack:
– Snacks and a beverages

Tip: frozen water bottles, they keep the items in your cooler cold and a refreshing beverage

-A map or an atlas (besides your cellphone)

-A small pillow and small blanket

Tip: suggested for long distance travel, especially if it is winter or below 60 degrees

-Some form of entertainment (Sudoku, book (hard copy or audio), tablet, etc.)

Be prepared:
-Know where you are going and the routes you want to take. It makes things less stressful and saves you time if you have a deadline.

-Check the weather, so you can prepare for the conditions and you can pace yourself properly to be able to make you destination on time.

I hope all these tips help you, but the most important thing about a road trip is to have fun and enjoy the experience because it is either a great time to bond, think, or just relax.

I hope everyone is having a great start to their weeks.

Thank you for your time and reading our blog.



P.S. My favorite part is singing in the car even though I am not very good.

Road Trip: There’s No Place Like Home

Day 4 (Thursday 04/07/2016

Today was the last day of our journey and the mission was to get home before dark.
We left Kansas with the sun shining in are face, it was bright and sunny through Missouri and Iowa. Once we crossed into Minnesota the rain started to fall. There was not much stopping unless it was for gas, a bathroom break, and groceries in Baxter.

We traveled 550 miles and once we came around the corner to see our driveway and the Little Boy Resort sign, I was stirred up with emotions and how much I am looking forward to the coming season. Of course, not much after arriving home it began to snow. Home sweet home!

I pray that God will bless us in the summer to come and prepare us for the adventures ahead.

I am happy to be home safe.
Enjoy your weekend,


P.S. As soon as we got home, I had Troy start the wood stove. I just keep telling myself, it’s only going to get warmer outside.

Road Trip: Heartland

Day 3 (Wednesday 04/07/16)

I hope everyone is having a great week.

To start our day, we made a quick stop at Bass Pro in Springfield, MO, the original Bass Pro.  Truthfully, we should of planned for 5 hours, next time, what an amazing place. After leaving Springfield, we were headed to Kansas.

It rained much of the morning while on are way to Kansas City.  We Plannedl to do lunch with some of our guests at a place they say is “The Best BBQ Around.”  I think our son, Dillon, would disagree and say that Texas BBQ is better.  So, we met Keith Gloe and Jay Mader at Joe’s Kansas City BBQ. WOW! Delicious, the BBQ defiantly exceeded our expectations and is probably some of the best BBQ I have ever had.

After leaving Kansas City, we were on are way to visit our Little Boy Lake neighbors, Dick and Dina.  But, we had to make another pit stop at Bass Pro in Olathe, Kansas.  Olathe is a suburb on the Southwest side of Kansas City, which is also where Dick and Dina live.  We spent a few hours at Bass Pro and got a few things for the kids at the resort. We had a wonderful visit, and Dina always does some good home cooking for us.  It is always a joy to see them and after today we are excited to see everyone  at the lake this summer.

Today, we only logged 180 mile. Each day we get a little closer to home, and with that the colder weather too. But hey, before we know it MN will be sunny and warm.

We are very excited to get home and we should be able to finish the road trip tomorrow.

Enjoy your evening.



P.S.  Today’s blog is dedicated to Merle Haggard and in his loving memory.  Rest in peace and may your music live on forever.


Died: April 6, 2016

Road Trip: Countryside 

Day 2 (Tuesday 04/05/2016)

I hope everyone had a great Tuesday!
This year we are taking a different way home than we normally do. We are making a pit stop in Kansas. We started the day driving through the Alabama countryside on Highway 231… not much traffic.  Listening to the Legends 96.9: Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Donna Fargo, Kenny Rogers, Merle Haggard, and Waylon Jennings made it all better. Old home memories… Lots of singing, good thing no one can hear us.  Overall it was a nice peaceful day of driving; when Troy was  driving I would be doing my Sudoku and crossword puzzles.

Most of the day was beautiful, sunny, and 65 degrees. We drove through the town of Troy and at the end of the month they have the TroyFest (April 23rd & 24th),  unfortunately we missed by couple of weeks. The countryside was a beautiful sight and the lilacs are blooming.

After crossing into Mississippi, the 18 wheelers were everywhere. I felt I was a part of the set of “Smokey and the Bandit” and was passed by Cletus (Snowman) and Fred (dog) in their Kenworth Coors semi-truck trying to get the haul back to Atlanta.

Going into Arkansas we crossed over an old  scenic bridge with two more right next to it. Soon after, I picked up my book and started reading. Before I knew it, we were in Springfield, Missouri and ready to stop for the night. Time flies when you have a good book you can’t not put down.

We ended the day with 850 miles and another beautiful sunset. Everywhere we travel and every state we go too, the sunsets are never the same and leave me memorized by their beauty.

I hope everyone is enjoying our little road trip.


P.S. “Country roads, take me home” ….. Ya gotta love a little John Denver too.

Road Trip: Coastal Breeze

Day 1 (Monday 04/04/2016)

Good day everyone,
We had another great winter this year, but today is the day we leave for home, so I thought I would include some our highlights of the winter.

We were able to spend some time in Hawaii, see the kids and all the family for Christmas in Minnesota, a family road trip to Texas for New Years, and back to Florida for the remaining part of winter.

Troy was able to spend some time on the golf course and I was able to have my time on the beach. We were also very fortunate to see many of our friends and guest while here in Florida.

We finished packing up the car this morning, but we got one more morning around of golf with our friends at Lake Village (where we stay). We said are good byes and hit the road around 4 o’clock. Are first day, we drove 440 miles to Dothan, Alabama, which is located a few short miles from the state lines of Florida and Georgia. Dothan is sometimes referred to as “The Peanut Capital of the World” and approximately one-fourth of the U.S. peanut crop is produced nearby, with much of it being processed in the city. Troy and I are only 30 miles into Alabama, so we haven’t seen much.

Our highlights: road construction…. a beautiful sunset and a song that continues to play on the radio as we go along the country side, you probably have never heard of it before…….. “Sweet Home Alabama!”

So, we are stopping for the day and we will pick-up tomorrow.

Thank you,

Nancy Loren

P.S. We left on Monday… I will also have are Tuesday journey posted later today. So, sssshhhhh, don’t tell anyone.